Tips for fast hair growth – When we are born, we have a fixed amount of hair follicles, and we can completely stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss through nutrition, or a hair care regimen safe and reasonable.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the average hair length will be about 1-1.5cm per month, and in a year, the hair will be about 15-20cm long.

1. How many centimeters of hair a month?
How fast your hair grows will depend on:

Hair Type
General health
Health status.

1.2 Stages of hair growth
Hair grows in three stages and each hair will follow its own timeline. These three stages are:

Anagen: The active growth phase of hair lasts 2-8 years
Catagen: Transitional phase when hair stops growing, lasting 4-6 weeks
Telogen: The resting phase when hair falls out, lasts 2-3 months
The average scalp has 90-95% of hair follicles in the anagen phase. This means that about 5-10 percent are in the telogen phase, which accounts for 100-150 hairs that fall out each day. Hair grows in three stages and each hair will follow its own timeline

How long the anagen phase lasts depends on the length of your hair and whether the cells in your hair follicles are continuing to multiply and become hair cells. Researchers are still studying what triggers our bodies to “turn on” the anagen phases. But there are ways you can promote healthy hair during the anagen phase.

Heredity or family history of hair loss

Hormonal changes
Lack of nutrition
Trauma damages hair follicles
Other diseases or conditions
If you have unexplained hair loss, you should see a doctor, because it is likely that your health is having problems.

Pregnant women may feel that their hair is growing faster. And women who have just given birth may notice hair loss at a faster rate than usual. This is because during pregnancy, the hormone estrogen causes a woman to have a higher percentage of hair follicles in the growing phase. After giving birth, the hair follicles return to the “resting” phase, making it appear that more hair is falling out.


1. Add substances to help hair grow strong from the inside
There are many foods that are good for hair and help hair grow faster which include:

Omega-3s and omega-6s May be effective In a study of 120 healthy women, the omega-3 and -6 groups had less hair loss and improved hair density.

Zinc Only effective for people with zinc deficiency Zinc deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss.

B-5 and biotin No evidence of effectiveness in people without biotin deficiency A study looking at oral supplements containing biotin and zinc found that the two products reduced hair loss and improved hair quality and quality. hair strength.
Vitamin C Based on experience The antioxidant effects of vitamin C can help prevent oxidative stress that causes graying and thinning of hair.

Vitamin D Only Works With Hair Loss One study found that people with hair loss had a vitamin D deficiency.

3. Tips to grow hair fast by using the right hair care products
Using the right hair care products will help improve hair loss and support hair growth more effectively. According to research by scientists, hair loss in men and women is different. Therefore, it is necessary to have suitable hair care products for each person and each gender.

Accordingly, Vietnamese scientists collaborated with leading experts in Switzerland by successfully applying Liposome technology to Redensyl activity in supporting hair loss reduction and stimulating hair growth specifically for men and women.

In which, Redensyl is the most advanced active ingredient in the world, researched and developed from Induchem Institute – Switzerland.

Active ingredient Redensyl consists of 4 main ingredients that act on the entire hair fiber.

Dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG): A compound extracted from herbs
– Direct effect on hair follicles
– Helps increase hair growth

Epigallocatechin gallate-glucoside (EGCG2) – Nourishes a healthy scalp

Zinc: Strengthens hair structure

Glycine: An amino acid that makes up hair proteins.

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